VINSAK Inkjet System VIS 1200

The VIS1200 is a modular wide format printing system.

VINSAK Inkjet System VIS 1200

The VIS1200 is a modular wide format printing system. The VIS 1200 can print on a variety of different papers, i.e. various offset papers, coated paper, gloss papers etc. The user interface is easy to handle, offers a good overview and with its Windows technology it is truly intuitive.


  • Easy and fast start up procedure.
  • Fully automated head mounting and cleaning station.
  • Print modules can be easily replaced with a unique system.
  • Easy set up through the fully graphical user interface of the whole inkjet system. .
  • Print full digital information in conjunction with an online RIP.
  • Low investment costs due to very high integration of state of the art technology.
  • Spare heads are a cost effective way of ensuring ongoing print quality

A wide print-width can be covered with fewer print heads by employing VIS 108mm wide device. The enhanced width also reduces the burden of print head alignment and tubing/cabling requirements when assembling the inkjet printer.

Piezoelectric actuator enables 600dpi x 600dpi image quality with up to 4 levels of gray scale (Visually 1,200dpi) by controlling drop size.

The 2,656 nozzles per printhead are each arranged in 0.042 mm pitch to eject 30,000 drops per second, printing 600dpi x 600dpi in single-pass applications at up to 75 meters per minute with a total of 80 million drops per second.

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology Piezo Electric Drop on Demand
Image Resolution & Speed 600 x 300 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi
Printing Width 108 mm upto 540 mm

Ink Types UV-Curable or Water based
Printing Speed Water Base Inkjet System 75 m/min upto 150 m/min For UV Base Inkjet System 50 m/min upto 100 m/min
Grey Levels For Water Base Inkjet System 5pl, 8pl, 12pl & 18pl For UV Base Inkjet System 6pl, 7pl, 11pl & 14pl
Ink Supplies 10 and 20 liter bulk ink bottles are available
Print Length Possible without gap


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