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Original Math Technique which were used traditionally to create these characteristic security


Spirals, 2- Wheels, 3 Wheels

Original Math Technique which were used traditionally to create these characteristic security devices that have been used successfully on passports, certificates and banknotes for over a century. You can now create Guilloches that have remarkable appearances and that could not have been created before. Facilities include Spirals, 2 and 3 wheel Guilloches, Stencil Guilloches.


Border Generation

The Border module is a development of the established mechanical Engraving techniques brought up to date. I t greatly extends their possibilities to include spirals, waves and reliefs, round borders and offers you the possibility of producing complex security effects beyond the capabilities of mechanical methods.The Border module is simple to use and produces results that are remarkably difficult to copy by any other method.

Relief Generation

A consistently popular security device, based on traditional techniques, is created with the Relief generators and Super Numismatic module, which enables you to apply relief effects to any background with facility and versatility. Many of these effects were previously either difficult or impossible to achieve.

Features include Oblique Waves, Patterned Pre-sets, Deep Reliefs, and Round Frames.

Pattern Relief

A patterned relief is simply a relief made up of lines in a pattern. The same rules apply to the patterned relief as to the rest of the relief generator.

The pattern type identifies one of six predefined patterns that are used as line fill for relief modulation.

Line Modulation

With the Line Modulator module, you can define almost whatever pattern of paths that you wish to use to modulate or your selected halftone pattern. Use your own repeating patterns, or create subtly varying patterns to produce pure vector output that is almost impossible to replicate. This module offers a very high level of security combined with a satisfying level of artistic creativity.

Micro-text/ Nano Text / hidden image in Micro Text

This effect uses a larger cell size than others. While 150-200 LPI are normal values for other effects, for this one a lpi of 72-75 is best suited. Smaller cell size results in higher LPI, and the micro-text becomes too small to be read. This achieves a well hidden image that still has good contrast when viewed through a line filter of the same lpi.

Vinsak Security SOftware

Hidden images in dots and lines

Using this feature invisible information can be embedded into artwork. The resultant image is indiscernible from the original and can only be revealed by using a special lens that matches exactly the digital signature of the image. This lock and key approach is excellent for brand protection where covert information can be checked by authorised personnel.


Anti-copy Designs:

Anti-copy feature provide effective first line defines against photocopiers. All these effects are now applicable to Logo, Text, Any word etc. The Path Splitter is an way of generating anti-copy images in a fast and intuitive way. It can be applied to either Flat or Grayscale images making it suitable for any design and unbelievably the lines can even be used with the Warp Effect! A file is supplied and tested on the customer’s image setter and press to ensure the designer uses the appropriate line frequencies and the distance of the split path.

7 Different Anti-copy Patterns | Split Path | Multi-Dot | Twin Wire | Line-Length


Technical Specifications

Secure Printing:

A. Vector Module Features: B. Raster Module. Features:
Guilloches Designs

Line [ Length]

Twin Wire Anti Copy  Latent Image
Line width modulations  Nano-Text / Micro-Text

Relief with Modulations.


 Decoder/Film Design
Morphing, Elliptical effect, Hidden Images in Micro-text.
Spiral, Two-Wheel, Three- Wheel

Hidden Images in CMYK Dot width.

Super Numismatics/ Relief Generators  Anti-copy Design (DW, 7-Dot pattern)
Round, Square, Square Border, Frames Generation  Single and Dual Hidden Images. (Image visible with Special Decoder)

Oblique wave, Patterned, Opaque, Round frame Reliefs.




Tickets ID Cards
Pass books

Savings books

Security Labels  Driving licenses
Packaging Cartons  Cheques, vouchers

Oil and Cosmetic Products


 Tax revenue stamps
Certificates and Permits Passport, Visa


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