VINSAK is all set to unleash its full potential at the upcoming edition of Printpack 2022 @ India Expo Center, NCR Delhi, Hall No. 5 Stand C22&23 one of the most important exhibitions dedicated to Label printing and packaging fraternity, will take place from 26th to 30th May 2022. VINSAK will be sharing information from Lombardi, AB Graphic International and Iwasaki.

On the live demo VINSAK will be displaying its new range of Label Finishing Equipment that prints out QR codes, High Build Varnish, and Digital Cold Foiling.

Lombardi Converting Machine S.p.A is a worldwide company with that believes in Quality and Simplicity with 30 years international experience in production and distribution of automatic punching machines, flexographic central drum machines, and narrow web flexographic presses in line.

Next up is Iwasaki International Co. established since 1970 manufacturing label printing machines, intermittent rotary presses, post processing machines such as foil stamping, and die cut machines. They follow the philosophy of “Don’t manufacture just a machine, make products for the customers”.

On the higher end we have A B Graphics International a family run organization that has been manufacturing innovative print finishing equipment since 1954. ABG is a worldwide corporation with over 2,500 customers around the globe, remaining true to their vales of treating every customer like an individual and tailoring ABG services to their customers specific requirements.


On the live demo VINSAK will be displaying the USAR (Universal Slitter and Rewinder). When it comes to high resolution security printing with customizable finishing solutions, USAR is the way to go. Slitter rewinder, die cutting, semi rotary die-cut, 100% inspection/inkjet system can be configured as per customer requirements. With major components driven by servo motor, the equipment runs up to 300 meters per minute. Backed by powerful software and featuring an HMI display for easy job set up. USAR is a family of system that has many versions, unfortunately we won’t be able to display all the versions. Do contact us if you have any further enquiries.

VINSAK Tabletop Re-winder

VINSAK TTR has been developed to offer a robust tabletop re-winder with many features normally found on larger and more expensive inspection/slitting equipment. Accurate tension control settings can be achieved with independent air operated unwind and rewind tension controls.

VINSAK TTR is equipped with pneumatically inflating mandrels that ensures positive grip without distorting label core and finished reel. The table top can be tilted towards the operator for increased flexibility and effortless operation.

VINSAK Roll Lifter (VRL Series)

VINSAK VRL series is a portable roll lifter equipped with a safety brake for loading, unloading, and transporting the rolls safely. The main focus of this equipment is to reduce and eliminate fatigue and occupational injuries. It improves the manual handling operation, helps to reduce workplace injuries and any material damage.

This series is equipped with safety locks on the rear wheels, which are used to hold the cart in place, in desired position and as a safety feature to keep the cart from rolling while in a stationary position. To operate, simply press brake lock and snap into place to activate brake and lift to de-activate brake. The roll lifter can rotate over 360º for precise alignment.

VINSAK High Build System

VINSAK launches a new High Build System for label embellishment and tactile inkjet. We also offer a wide range of monochrome or full color industrial inkjet modules. This modular inkjet system is driven by the latest print head technology.

VINSAK High Build System allows you to print high build braille or tactile heights of up to 260 microns at 50 meter per minute. Has been designed with a modular approach and can be populated with a single or double print bar.

VINSAK Brand Protection Solutions

VINSAK Brand Protection Solutions are inclusive of Security Software, Security Inks, and complete Track and Trace functionality.

Come see the entire range on display and ask us for a free proof of concept.

Exhibitions are a busy time, please book your demo in advance to spend quality time with our technical team and do enquire for a free demonstration.