Assigning a unique traceable number to the product packaging­­ or the individual saleable unit is the key to the effective management of the track -and- trace system as it passes along the supply chain. Serialization will cease the duplication of your company products and thus the integrity concerns can be well addressed.

It will pave a path for “Fake Free Products”. It may sound simple, but it is not just creating a unique barcode or creating a number and then affixing it to the product package, rather it’s a complex process which requires multiple challenges to be addressed. It is a revolution in the Industry itself which has to be addressed separately.  Here we will be focusing more on the versatility of the applications which ‘Power of Serialization’ offers to the brands owners and the marketers.

Year 2019 will see a remarkable shift towards the usage of ‘Power of Serialization’ in the Labeling & Packaging field especially in the Pharmaceutical sector but other sectors will also be equally benefitted.

The marketers will be using ‘Power of Serialization’ to create effective marketing campaigns and use it as a tool for consumer engagement which can influence the buying habits and patterns of the consumers. It also gives marketers detailed insights into Demographics. Geographical locations etc. of where their products are being sold thus allowing them to target their marketing budgets more effectively.

The unique barcode, whether 1 D or 2 D, designed can be used as a tool to appeal to the consumer into buying the product which offers them the chance to win attractive gifts and prizes. This can boost the sales and offers the brand to earn a competitive advantage over the other similar products available in the market. A great way to transit the Product Personalization using the Power of Serialization into product promotion and collection of consumers personalized data.

For low value food products the brands are finding it difficult to establish a direct link with the end consumer and hence influencing their behavior towards purchase is getting difficult for them. On the other hand the retailers who are either an e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flip-Kart  or brick-and-mortar like Reliance fresh, Big Apple, More, are in direct touch with the consumer and are in hold of the imperative information regarding consumers buying behavior and their personalized data which is positioning them in the seat of power to influence the market trends and consumers.

In such scenarios, ‘Power of Serialization’ offers brand owners another chance to reconnect with the end users and safeguard their position and leaking of crucial end user information to the competitors through Intermediaries.

Ranesh Bajaj, MD-VINSAK India is of the opinion “Future of Packaging is going to be more about serialization”

We can run effective marketing campaigns using serialization. A consumer can be tempted to scan a bar code or download a particular app which will provide a brand owner his authentic data which can later be used to build a larger database for one to one marketing interactions. The ‘Power of Serialization’ helps you to remove the middlemen and connects you to the end user directly, which gives you a strategic advantage and an edge over your competition”, Said Bajaj

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