Short Run Flexible Packaging : A Niche Opportunity for Label Printers & Convertors

Short Run Flexible Packaging : A Niche Opportunity for Label Printers & Convertors

Short run flexible packaging makes it easier for companies to quickly place products on the shelf and reduce costs. A short run is simply the production of a smaller packaging or label count, often in the form of single use or sample packs. Quick promotions have become a common marketing tactic and companies are updating branding frequently. As a result, short run printing has surged in popularity.  


Here are a few benefits of short run production:

  • Print small runs while maintaining high quality
  • Enables you to print on demand resulting in less waste as film does not go out of date
  • Cost savings – we produce small quantities at affordable prices using our high quality four colour print process, saving you money on printing plates
  • Ability to launch new products quickly
  • Enables you to respond to market changes rapidly
  • Ideal for small businesses
  • Lower Upfront Cost
  • Less Material Waste
  • Easier to Change Out Designs
  • Easier to Run Special Promotions
  • Improved Inventory Management

Flexible packaging has also increased due to the ability to market products using affordable materials such as film, foil, or paper. The option of short run flexible packaging allows your business to easily achieve small production counts at an optimal cost with the perk of high end graphics. 

Why Short-run Packaging is a Huge Opportunity for Commercial Printers & Convertors?

For instance, Amazon bases their business model on selling virtually anything that is available. If you want some incredibly obscure book, Amazon will offer it to you. They make more money from selling this choice rather than focusing on the most popular items, as traditional retailers do.

As more companies follow this line of thinking, companies are increasing their range of offerings. Special editions, re-releases and products aimed at a more niche audience are now commonplace. This is great news for the packaging industry.

There are now a massive number of small volume packaging opportunities 

This sort of packaging is not suited to the traditional packaging manufacturers who use wide web gravure equipment. It is better handled by narrow web flexo presses. They allow their customers to be incredibly flexible in the products that they offer. The Capital cost, cost of job origination, Set up times, Set up material wastes , all of the above are much lower for a Narrow to mid web flexo press compared to a wide web Gravure or CI flexo press 

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