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Digital, is the current revolution in almost all the prevailing industries. Be it Govt. organizations or private companies; everyone is moving into the digital space. But with the rising population, increasing demand for packaged products and an upward movement in variable data personalization or serialization; the package printing market is still growing. Also, many govt. papers such as passports, real estate papers, affidavits, certificates, bonds and or other important papers such as labels, scratch cards, lottery tickets, etc. provided by private organizations will still be active for a long period of time.
As per Quocirca report, still, 63% of the printed documents face counterfeiting and forgery. Also, the packaging goods industry faces a menace of duplicate products or counterfeited products in the market. Also, recent surveys in security printing industry stats that every 5th product is a fake copy of the original.
The real question, therefore, arises that why we are still not able to take proper measures towards eliminating counterfeiting or forgery? To fight the menace of counterfeiting, we all need to put collective efforts towards adopting security printing & packaging solutions so that duplicity of the product will become difficult and will thus act as a deterrent against counterfeiting. A brief list of trending security solutions which are adopted by printers and converters across the world are as below:

Security Software for Printing & Packaging

To secure printed documents and packaging products; we can add numerous features to their design which will make them unique and highly secure. The Security software provides features such as hidden data (images, codes, micro text including variable images and codes) and various types of Guilloche/Relief generators and line width modulation effects. The security of printed material will depend on a number of features you have incorporated and how complex and unique design has been created by the designer to deter counterfeiting.

Track & Trace

The second type of security feature we can add is Track & Trace technology, in which we print unique codes on packaging materials and verify their movement by tracing those codes at various points of supply chain management. The process actually tracks the journey of a product from the point of product into the point of consumption. It will help companies to identify leakages in the supply chain. Simple codes have given way to high quality “non-Cloneable” proprietary codes which offer the highest level of security.

Variable Data Personalization
We can secure documents as well as packaged products by personalizing with variable data printing of names, address, bar-codes, QR-codes etc. This Serialisation, coupled with a strong track and trace solution is one of the fastest growing systems to provide confidence to the consumer about the genuineness of the product.
Lastly, not leaving anything to chance, we need to educate our customers or the end consumer as well how to identify the original document or packaged products as ultimately it’s not their duty to provide security printing.
Information & Brands are the biggest assets in today’s environment; organizations need to secure both with utmost security. By using these security measures, organizations can ensure their most valuable assets protected.


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