The RADUS SV-360 provides highest efficiency and output along with its famous reliability at most various app lications.


The RADUS SV-360 provides highest efficiency and output along with its famous reliability at most various app lications. Whether hologram application or numbering and print personalization on both sheet-fed and continuous forms – the RADUS SV family of Arnold Herzig GmbH offers superior solutions, answering also tomorrow’s market needs.

One-stop made in Germany!
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Thousands of RADUS-SYSTEMS are in use in governmental and private security printing houses all over the world. RADUS-SYSTEMS perfectly combine future-orientated modularity with unsurpassed durability, proven by more than 50 years of experience.

The base version of the RADUS SV-360 hologram applicator with the hologram hot stamping head HP3 covers all requirements in terms of hologram application on pre-printed individual sheets such as tickets, gift vouchers, certificates etc. as well as on high security documents like bank drafts, cheques, visa, passports and other ID related documents.

Due to its modular construction, the machine can be extended by retrofitting with increasing demand up to four hologram hot stamping application heads, also at a later date. An optional paper tractor system additionally allows the processing of pre-printed continuous forms like business forms, computer forms and individual sheets on the same system.

HP3 hot stamping hologram applicator
The HP3 hologram application head contains the hot stamping press with the replaceable stamping die and the associated fine adjustment as well as the foil feed. In this way, the complete hologram application system can be moved across the paper direction of run in a quick adjustment for positioning. There is no complex conversion of the stamping die or tracking of the foil; jobs can be set-up in shortest time.

The hologram embossing unit work electronically / pneumatically and are monitored by the machine’s process control. Because of its high flexibility the HP3 applicator is able to apply registered holograms, random pattern holographic foils and hot foil logos up to a size of 900mm², further each hot stamping tool can be addressed separately. In addition the powerful HP3 hologram application head is also suitable for applying of scratch-off foils.

Print mark recognition with unique „on the fly“ image positioning
A multistage tension control in the hologram track and an accurate guidance guarantee precise hologram feed. After registration mark detection „on the fly“, direct at the stamping die, the foil with the holographic image is positioned using electronics only (Resolution 0.05mm); there is no need for the time consuming manual fine adjustment of the photocells for image positioning. The image position of the hologram under the stamping die can be easily adjusted via the display – even during ongoing stamping operation.

Feeding Systems
Various feeder and delivery systems are available, tailored to the production volumes. A vacuum rotation feeder unit is used for small to medium press runs, which pulls sheets in formats of up to 520mm x 650mm from below. The magazine capacity is naturally limited in this case but the feeder can be refilled whilst the machine is running. The processed sheets are delivered into a suitable jogger. The accurately stacked sheets can be removed during operation for further finishing.

Autonomous times
Pile feeders and pile delivery systems can be used for large press runs and for long periods of autonomous operation; these are equipped with electrically driven stacker platforms that can be raised and lowered, each with a magazine capacity of 650 mm. Due to their maximum paper format of 520mm x 750mm, these also support the classic B2 sheets. Like the system’s upgrade facility, allowing it to use up to four hologram heads, the pile feeder and pile delivery can also be retrofitted at any time.

Operating process
After sheet separation with double-sheet inspection, the sheet is drawn to a zero line in an aligning station and passed to the vacuum transport of the work station. One or two HP3 hot foil hologram stamping heads can be used in the work station. The sheet is moved under the hologram applicator heads and stopped at the required position; hologram application then takes place. The operator selects whether one or both hologram application heads are used for stamping at the position. After stamping, the sheet is moved to the next position. In this way, each sheet can be stamped in 25 freely-selectable positions, e.g. for tickets, tax labels and cheques arranged one above the other. The completed sheets are passed to the stacker; during this time a new sheet arrives at the work station ready aligned in order to guarantee continuous production.

If necessary, a further work station can be retrofitted. Here too, one or two HP3 hot-stamping hologram heads can be used. Then, with up to four hologram application heads, even smaller product sizes at individual sheets such as tickets or small tax labels can be processed with up to four lines across the sheet. To support the flexibility of the modern security printer, a paper tractor system can be attached for processing continuous forms. The operator can change between individual sheets and continuous forms transport, and this only takes a few minutes.

Technical Specifications


Processing of individual sheets made of paper, cardboard and polycarbonate PC
Additional transport for continuous forms (optional)
No edge limitation for the hologram application on the sheet area / form area
Expandability up to 4 x hologram applicator HP3

Optional deep pile feeder and delivery – 650mm magazine height


Basic Model SV-360 with HP3 Hologram Applicator

Controlling Microprocessor

Fully automatic / intermittent

Controll desk  Display and keyboard, portable
Parameters  Stamping positions, position of hologram, stamping time, temperature, speed, feeding interval and suction cycle length, counter: nominal and actual value form length and printing positions for opt. continuous forms

Transport system

Form width Sheet-fed up to 520mm Continuous forms up to 550mm incl. sprocket holes
Form length

Sheet-fed up to 650mm (750mm with deep pile feeder) Continuous forms up to 33”

Paper weight  60 – 500g/m² sheet-fed (up to 1.0mm with pile feeder) from 40g/m² continuous forms max. 400g/m² continuous form sets

HP3 Hologram Applicator

Foil size Width 55mm, max. diameter ø 150mm, core 1“ und 3“
Stamping size

900mm² max., width max. 50mm

Stamping die  Interchangeable, straightened brass or etched magnesium clichés on brass carriers
Temperature 70° bis 250°C
Registration mark

Optical sensor direct at the stamping die

Foils Registered  security holograms – metallized and demetallized, KINEGRAM®, random pattern holographic foils, scratch foils, hot stamping foils
Foil separator Fully automated cutting knife for the separation of the foil and paper after the stamping operation, can be switched off


Air connection 4 – 8 bar, oil-free and dry
Air consumption 0,2Nl / per HP3-head
Electrical Con. Single phase 220-240V (110V), 50/60Hz, consumption 2,0kW
Dimensions Length 2700mm x Depth 800mm x Height 1500mm
(Length approx. 3700mm with deep pile feeder/delivery)
Weight approx. 550 kg (depending on configuration)


1 hologram on A4 sheet – max. 7.000 sheets /h 8 holograms on full sheet x 4 across – max. 50.000 holograms /h
Continuous forms 12“ 1up – max. 12.500 holograms /h Continuous forms 3“ 1up – max. 15.000 holograms /h
Continuous forms 3“ 4up – max. 60.000 holograms /h