VIS 720-i

The VINSAK Inkjet System VIS720-i is 72mm wide per module and has 360dp inative resolution. Wider print width can be achieved by adding additional print head modules. The VINSAK Inkjet System VIS 720-i can print on a variety of different substrates, i.e. various offset papers, coated papers, gloss papers, films etc.


New compact 72 mm single-head 360 dpi DOD Piezo high-speed print head for the industrial print market.

Printing resolutions of 360 x 180 dpi, 360 x 360 dpi and 360 x 720 dpi.

Grayscale – 8 level grayscale with drop sizes of 14pl to 42 pl.

Print speed – 120 m/min @ 360 x 180 dpi, 80 m/min @ 360 x 360 dpi and 60 m/min @ 360 x 720 dpi.

Maximum printing width single module is 72 mm and scalable up to 360 mm.

High quality native bar-codes at both “picket fence” and “ladder” orientation.

The VIS 720-i also brings standards with the the industry-leading Software that includes functionality for:

Digital Workflow – Soft proofing and remote job setup. Open integration with industry standard databases.

Software comes with all standard industrial and mailing barcodes – including intelligent Mail Code and Data matrix.

Support for variable graphics and variable data (multiple fonts and variable within text elements).

Integration with VINSAK Camera Systems, Matching Systems and Read/Print technology.

100% accountability via VINSAK direct support network.

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