VINSAK High Build System– label embellishment & tactile Inkjet system

VINSAK launches a new VINSAK High Build System for label embellishment & tactile Inkjet .We also offer a wide range of monochrome or Full Color industrial inkjet modules.


Outstanding Durable Head Technology.

  • This modular Inkjet system is driven by the latest Print head technology.
  • Available print widths for varnish & white are from 70 mm to 350 mm.
  • Printing resolution of 720dpi x 720dpi with 3 grey levels at 60 mpm.
  • By reducing the resolution in the print direction speeds of up to 100 mpm are possible.

Modular / Scalable.

  • The system has been designed with a modular approach & can be populated with a single or double print bar.
  • This allows you to print high build braille or tactile heights of up-to 260 microns at 50 metre’s a minute.
  • If a single inkjet bar is needed for current embellishment work a second bar can be retrofitted at a later date
  • UV Opaque White opacity can be up-to at 92.6% at 50 meters a minute using a single print head.