Iwasaki - TR2 Offset Printing Machine

TR2 has been continuing to be developed as up to date UV offset printing machine. The wet type has been appeared after dry type to pursue further high quality and stability of printing. Concentrated automatic control system is equipped to improve efficiency of operation. TR2 will expand the possibility of the label industry.


Printing Unit Temperature Control

Presettable temperature regulated re-circulating water system maintains even temperature in the kneading and impression rollers.

This assures control of ink temperature for consistently high quality printing.

Mobile Touch Panel Controller

This main control panel slides along the lenght of the press and is used to enter the various job parameters.

Registration, impression, lineal and lateral position and skewing controls are all motorized at each printing station, with the adjustments entered from this main control panel. This assures maximal efficiency in job set-up. S

Servo Drive Technology

The machine utilizes servo drive motors with digital controls for numerous machine operations that include printing stations drive, setting repeat lenght, register position, impression adjustments, etc. New jobs as well as repeat orders are all performed with minimal material waste.