SPGPrints - variLEX

The variLEX is SPGPrints‘ answer to the industries in need of a multifunctional Computer to Plate ( CTP ) solution. The dynamic market and the ongoing technological developments force the printing industry to increase the quality and improve the flexibility in file formats and printing technologies.

SPGPrints‘ variLEX can be equipped with a multibeam diode laser system for ablating the black mask and/or a multibeam diode UV-laser system to directly expose UV-sensitive materials like screens. The standard integrated inline exposure system is unique. Ablation and exposing are carried out in a single step, eliminating the offline exposure. The machine can also be equipped with different mounting cylinders to handle different materials: a black anodized vacuum cylinder to handle flexo plates, a magnetic cylinder to handle dry offset plates or screens or a hybrid cylinder (vacuum and magnetic) to handle all materials.

The system comes with SPGPrints´ unique software solution including our database driven on-the-fly RIP system. This allows you to use all common file formats in the graphics industry.

The variLEX is therefore the most flexible, high quality prepress solution for the label, dry offset and flexible packaging industry.


  • Plug and Play
  • Inline UV LED exposure
  • Software workflow connection