CMC - Carton Wrap Machine

CMC CartonWrap is an automatic carton packaging system capable of creating dynamic cardboard boxes from a continuous fanfold corrugated designed to address the needs of shippers, such as e-commerce and fulfillment companies, that need to procure and stock multiple size boxes to satisfy varying packaging needs.
This integrated solution is designed to help companies that use large amounts of boxes of different sizes, such as e-commerce and fulfillment companies that need to send out several boxes of different sizes according to the orders received.
CARTONWRAP produces boxes from a simple and inexpensive corrugated fanfold in realtime, each one unique to the products being boxed. The real-time format change is managed automatically through product recognition or directly from a database ensuring high flexibility of processing. High productivity with speeds of up to 15 boxes per minute. System can be expanded to add print systems for logos, trademarks or any other information directly to the box, further allowing each box to be unique. Labeling systems can be integrated according to shipping method needs.
Boxes availability: no need to procure and stock boxes of different sizes – boxes are created unique to the products being packaged – in real-time
Less warehouse space required – only fanfold stacks to be stored
No risk of not having the correct size box in stock
Reduced material costs since box is custom made according to product being shipped
Dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for filler materials
Less environmental impact
Increased packaging productivity and efficiency through automation