Busch - Table Banding Machine 26 I / II

Thousands of BUSCH table banding machines have been sold. Due to their high reliability and ease of handling they are well-prepared even for difficult banding tasks. The electronically controlled units are noted for their user-friendliness, versatility and outstanding durability.

The integrated electronic temperature control guarantees a regular sealing temperature, identical for both Kraft paper and foil. Voltage fluctuations on the mains supply are compensated for. The loop size, tape tension and time delay for releasing the banding process in automatic mode are adjustable. The digital display indicates the sealing temperature, time delay and error codes.

After feeding the material for banding the Kraft paper or foil tape is drawn softly around the package and the tape ends lying on top of each other are sealed. On model TB 26 a new loop is formed automatically once the package is taken out of the bander.

For high volume production a movable large reel stand is offered; the height of the stand is easily adjustable.

The successor of the well-known model series TB 24 convinces by its increased machine output and extended feeding width. Thanks to the tool-free machine settings and the maintenance-freedom the machine is very user-friendly. Changing the tape reel or the banding width, both are quickly done by simple lever actions.

Model TB 26 I uses banding material of 20 or 30 mm tape width.

Model TB 26 II works with banding material of 40 or 50 mm width.

The standard equipment includes the electronic temperature control, a digital display indicating error codes, an illuminated viewing window to the tape reel as well as a foot pedal. Furthermore the machines are equipped with adjustable side and rear positioning stops as standard to achieve a centred and right-angled alignment of the stacks.