Busch Pile Turner- SE Series - SE 90

For the demands of the printer or paper and board converter a pile turner with these capabilities represents an indispensable piece of equipment. The Busch pile turner speeds up and improves both the printing and the finishing process. Different sorts of paper and board with varying weights can be handled on the turner. As the demands for quality increase, the pile turner represents a sensible investment. In 1976 the first Busch pile turner was designed and delivered. With decades of experience a perfect engineering is guaranteed – and top quality is Busch’s first priority. The solid and modern designed machines are well known for their easy handling – they are used worldwide and prove a notable longevity. All Busch pile turners are designed and manufactured in own factories in Germany (Seevetal). The large range of models, with numerous options, fulfils all individual requirements.

Functions of the Pile Turner:

1. Turning – easy and comfortable: Turning is done by hydraulically lifting the pile to the horizontal position and subsequently rotating it through 180°. It replaces time-consuming manual handling.

2. Airing – what can be achieved?

Dust removing: An important process before printing to achieve better print quality – absolutely essential for the board converter.

Separation of cutting edges: To avoid mis-feeds. The complete pile is filled with an air cushion between the sheets.

Conditioning: The pile is provided with the optimum temperature and humidity.

Removal of spray powder: Removal of surplus spray powder after printing – an advantageous process for finishing.

Drying: Ink and varnish is quickly dried after printing. Heat inside the pile is reduced.

Odour neutralizing: Important for food packaging.

Airing with ionised air: Ionisation reduces the electrostatic charge which may affect the finishing process of coated and printed paper or plastic foil.

3. Aligning the pile: The pile is aligned against the aligning gauge in the tilted position with high volume airing. Bad sheets can be removed without a problem – depending on the thickness of the material.

4. Jogging: The ideal support to speed-up perfect alignment of the pile – in the tilted position with high volume airing.

5. Centreing the pile: The pile can be centrally aligned on a larger-sized pallet without problem.