ABG - Omega B5010

The Omega B5010 is a modular system which can process up to 36,000 booklet labels per hour. Equipped with a booklet label feeding system, it can handle booklets ranging in length from 30mm to 80mm, and in width from 280mm to 320mm, and switches effortlessly between them. Booklets can contain up to 56 sheets – 112 pages – and be secured by hot or cold glue as well as by lamination, depending on your need.Designed for web widths of 330mm or 430mm, the Omega B5010’s modular design allows for rotary or flat bed die cutting, together with options for printing, lamination, inspection or flagging. Everything is monitored and controlled by a sliding touch screen console.



-Servo-controlled registration – guarantees high output and positioning accuracy of +/- 0.5mm for the booklet.
-Versatile – the distance between each booklet and repeat lengths can easily be adjusted.
-Precurling system – an option for booklets which are to be applied to cylindrical containers.
-fleyeVision 100% camera inspection system – available as an option to check print, booklet placement and printed OCR or barcodes.
-Modular – we will tailor your booklet converter to meet your needs. If those needs change, the Omega B5010 can be changed too.