Are you wanting to venture into Label Printing?

Are you a Label printer looking for a solution to make your short runs profitable?

Are you not convinced with the high running costs of Digital Label printing machines?

Are you not convinced with the stability of the digital process as the technology is yet evolving?

Do join our interactive webinar to understand the options available of using standard offset or flexo technologies to achieve all of the above in an efficient and profitable manner.

Also, enjoy a panel discussion with:

  1. Iwasaki’s Naoki Ogawa
  2. Jun Iwamoto
  3. Vinsak’s Ranesh Bajaj
  4.  Neeraj Sharma
  5. Mohan Pailwan

Afer more than 1000 installations of the TR2 Series

Iwasaki launches the new TR3

With cutting-edge technology in intermittent offset
and flexo printing

Join our interacctive session to learn
more about the TR3 & IF 330

Intermittent Flexo Label Printing Machine (IF330)

Date: 24th June 2021,
Time: 12:00 PM IST/10:30 AM GST

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