Intermittent Label Printing Machine

Iwasaki IF330

For the first time put the intermittent flexographic printing machine IWASAKI while inherit the know-how.

For the first time put the intermittent flexographic printing machine IWASAKI while inherit the know-how. By the anilox roll, work becomes unnecessary alignment was a complicated color,Traditional intermittent letterpress, compared to intermittent offset, achieve a significant reduction of working time. In addition, full rotary flexographic machine users, while taking advantage of the plate-making equipment and know-how of the past, was to allow small-lot, printing of a wide variety in the flexographic.The small-lot printing, which is the strength of the digital printing press to prove that you can in the analog printing machine. IF330 is the single best that solves the current market requirements.


Controller Panel:

You can synchro with a standard control panel and a tablet terminal. Any position from any possible operation.

No special tools:

Possible exchange of the anilox roll in less tool. You can significantly reduce the setup time.

Guide-less and Shaft-less:

Equipped with the industry standard of guide-less function shaft-less (single servomotor control) function.

Optional Units:

Cold Foil Units:

Possible to do big solid cold foil, add value by printing on foil.

Glue side flexo printing unit with delam and relam:

Easy operation for glue side printing in semi rotary feeding

Technical Specifications

Maximum Printing Dimension 310×254mm
Laser 310~300mm
Web Width


Maximum Length(1) 254mm
MAX Speed 250rpm
Power Source(2) 3phase 200V 30KVA
Net Width (3) 5300Kg



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