VINSAK, a global leader in Packaging & Labels industry is known for its innovative solutions that it offers to printers, converters, and packaging companies. The company is best known for it’s service-support systems. The company had the challenge to print unique numbers and bar codes on induction wads on a very thick paper in a non-linear fashion and had to develop a new solution for the same purpose.

Excel Pack & It’s Challenge

Excel Pack, a leading convertor on the outskirts of Haridwar, India needed to personalize wads for one of the top 5 Lubricant Company in India. The major hurdle for Excel Pack were to print those small wads having a diameter less than a bottle cap and that too on paper board of 700 GSM. Theother challenge about this project that WADS can’t be personalized in a linear fashion. They have to be printed in a non-linear space to save on raw material.

The company had to provide output to their customers in a limited frame of time. So, they were currently outsourcing the entire project to a third party resulting is meager profits out of a huge project. The company was constantly looking towards equipment suppliers to provide them a high quality and cost-effective solution to avoid giving their project to the third party.

Challenge Accepted & Resolved

The project was unique and VINSAK’s manufacturing team had to overcome various hurdles. The company had decided to remodel their existing USAR machine to suit the Excel Pack requirements. Some of the key issues and their solutions provided by VINSAK’s R&D team:

1. The 700 GSM Cardboard paper roll was having dimensions of 1100mm diameter with a core of 6”, 10” and 12”. The entire Web path had to be re disgned to suit these core diamters and handle the Board across idle rollers with a diameter of 100m or higher to ensure that there is no cracking of the board.

2. Machine assembly, joints, and its final design were modified to accommodate this heavy weight paper board. Infeed and outfeed systems were made capable to handle 700 GSM board.

3. The Paper handling system had to be created to make the infeed and outfeed on independent Motors with heavy duty gear boxes to maintain the correct tensions in the web.

4. Jerks in the Web, especially when starting and stopping had to be completely eliminated to ensure no damage to the ink jet system as well as wastage of substrate.

5. Since the wads were being punched off line on a ram punch and were printed in an offset manner to save material (See image attached.) the ink jet layout had to specifically created and new workflow was used to accommodate this layout. This workflow ensured error free printing with complex layouts and links to the correct databases to run random numbers as well 2 D codes.

VINSAK designed and implemented the project in a record period of 16 weeks from inception.

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