Currently, VDP market is a staggering $12 Billion and expected to reach $ 22.7 Billion by 2021 due to the advent of global brands, rising consumerism, and growth of the packaging industry. Marketers all over the world are focussing on Digital Printing with Variable Data Printing technology to increase their engagement with the customers to make them loyal customers towards their branded products. The main reason behind this is most of the printers are getting orders in small quantity and to lure customers, clients ask for the more personalized and customized data to print as opposed to traditional shotgun campaigns. This market possesses high growth due to potential Growth in the end-use sector and packaging printing industry, demand for inventory tracking and tracing solutions, product differentiation, and technological advancements in the printing industry are some of the drivers for the growth of the Variable Data Printing Market in labels. This is why printers prefer digital printing and high-speed variable data printing over offset printing.
It helps in better brand engagement as customers appreciate if they receive personalized mailer and chances of opening it and buying the next product increase by four times whereas normal mailers are mostly going unopen leading in wastage of money and effort.


Today’s marketing is very complexed, in order to increase customer base , companies have to make target based marketing strategies and to communicate their message effectively, they should know something about the customer for using VDP For example, Amazon- the leading giant in global E-commerce industry use Label personalization and track and trace technology while delivering its products to end customers.On every shipment, Amazon prints the end user details with QR code. Amazon continues to tailor each shipment because doing so generates enough additional sales and customer loyalty to create a positive ROI & WOM.

VINSAK, a prominent leader in innovative print solutions have created a big storm in label personalization industry with its new Label printing machine LVPI equipped with VIS 1200 K E-mail:, Web: for High Speed VDP and QR code printing for varied purposes such as Direct Mail, Transactional security printing, Tax & Excise stamps, Flexible package printing, graphics, labels, 1D/@D codes etc. It also provides security inks and software to counter brand counterfeiting. VINSAK is currently supporting Govt. of India and private printers in India, Middle east & Africa ., to stop counterfeiting in the liquor industry by proving its machines for the personalized label and QR codes printing on liquor bottles to track and trace bottles and curb tax losses to the Governments. VINSAK will continue to enhance its machines to provide customers with more efficient personalized printing solutions.

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