Embellishments in Narrow & Mid Web Flexo

Embellishments in Narrow & Mid Web Flexo

It’s time for Commercial Printers to experiment beyond just printing. Pure printing is passé; it’s no longer a winning horse in the race. In case of labels, value addition is of utmost importance and the key to value addition lies in the embellishments. But what does this fancy word ‘embellishment’ means in this context? Is it just enhancement of the printed label or does it go beyond that? It certainly does.

Every success story that you have come across is based upon the customer relations who are the true assets and can be further retained and grown by expanding & exploring new opportunities. For the clients who are looking for methods to differentiate their products, ‘Label & Package Embellishment’ is the key. With the right kind of embellishments, a product can be strategically mapped into the market which can create a lasting impression in the mind of the consumer. Embellishments can be used to increase the consumer interaction time with the product by engaging consumer senses leading to the brand recognition and product loyalty.

We commonly use embellishment such as Fresnel lenses, embossing and registered holograms as enhancements. Apart from providing an eye catching display, all these embellishments provides significantly anti –counterfeiting measures.  High end liquor brands and cosmetic brands usually uses 3D lenses embellishment technique as an anti-piracy practice which in turn curb their products to be sold openly in the grey market and hence protecting the brand  image and market share of the company to a greater extent.

The multifaceted benefits of embellishments have greatly increased the market demand for the same. Today, when Mid Web Presses ask for embellishments, VINSAK addresses the issue with its modular solution, The Pantec Rhino for mid to wide Web Flexo presses and the Lombardi TORO, ‘a hot stamping unit in line with the Lombardi range of flexo presses’. They are:

  • Equipped with foil savers for saving the foil consumption
  • Register systems to stamp Holograms and Fresnel lenses in Register
  • An ideal solution for creasing and quality label embossing.

Another marking technique which is gaining momentum as the product identification and differentiation is Tactile and Braille Printing. This technique is particularly helpful when the shape and size of the container are similar or for the potentially hazardous products.  The Screen Printing process is ideal for such applications and Lombardi’s BRAVO is presented in the market to provide the customers with the right kind of solution.

Lombardi’s modular solution BRAVO, is ‘a high performance, flat screen unit inline’Earlier due to availability of only rotary screens, the challenge which any customer would face was the high screen cost leading to a very high origination cost.

Secondly, the screens were not locally available and they have to be fabricated either in Europe or in India which used to add another layer loss to the owner in the form of productive work time loss, as screens would take at least 4-5 days to be delivered.

Lombardi’s BRAVO unit presented solution to all these problems. Designed as an alternative to the off-line printing processes:

  • It enables the production of quality labels in single process.
  • The flat screens are easily available locally in any town or city
  • The cost element is negligible in comparison to the rotary screen which gives customer the freedom and flexibility to add screen printing in line with the existing flexo and
  • The multiple flat screens can be integrated at any particular place to give diverse color effects.

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