How to get more eyeballs on our product with 2D Barcodes?

2D barcodes printing solution

How to get more eyeballs on our product with 2D Barcodes?

Since inception, Barcodes have played a major role in evolving business across different industries and markets. They have been the cheapest and most efficient way of Automatic Data capture thus increasing speed of operations as well as reducing manual data entry errors. Barcodes are used often in product packaging, production, tracking, entertainment, supply chain etc.; performing different functions as per industry requirements.

Business houses can leverage 2D barcodes by adding more information compared to 1D or linear barcodes such as embedding text, numeric, website addresses, images etc. Linear barcodes carry limited information about 20 characters compared to 7000 digits of information in 2D barcodes. As 2D barcodes can carry a lot of information; at times users need not have data connectivity to use them and can carry stand-alone data which allows them to be functional in areas with poor net connectivity. These barcodes are user-friendly, cheaper for customers and employees to utilize them in their day to day work.

We would like to list some of the key places where 2D barcodes are proving their worth:

  1. FMCG Product Labels: Carrying product related information and manufacturer websites
  2. Pharmaceutical Labels: Carrying expiry date, number of dosage per patient, manufacturer details etc.
  3. Managing Stock Inventory: Helping in track & trace of products in supply chain management
  4. Point Of Sale: To scan the product name and price at POS stations.
  5. University Certificates: Proving the authenticity of certificates
  6. Cartons Carrying product related information and manufacturer websites
  7. Conference/Exhibitions/Seminar Invitations Offering a link to on line registration pages.
  8. Product Marketing: Running a contest where a person needs to scan the barcode and send some code to the brand owner to win the contest.
  9. Recharge Coupons in the telecom sector

Business houses whether small or large are utilizing the barcodes to a great efficiency. It depends upon business entity and their application that what type of barcode (1D barcode, 2D barcode, QR Code etc.) will be applicable for their business. The barcode system once applied; will prove an integral part of company operations and it will reduce the human errors that can significantly impact the company success.

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